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One of the most exciting options to play in all of the daily fantasy sports (DFS) is college football. It is one of just a few options to play in the college realm. The NFL is the most popular DFS as football is America’s most popular sport. Well, at the college level, the DFS appeal maybe even better than the NFL. There are games on significantly more days a week, meaning the option to play more often is available. At the same time, there are significantly more games that give you more players to choose from when setting your lineup.

How to Play

It is pretty simple just set a lineup and stay under budget, and you are ready to go. Is that oversimplified? Well, possibly, but let us break it down further to help you get started. Then again, maybe you play all the time already; well, we’re going to give some helpful insight that may make your lineups better optimized and help you win more money.

Lineup Budget/Money/Cap Space

The basis for all daily fantasy sports from NASCAR, MLB, NHL, or any other option they all have a majority of games played within a budget/cap space/salary. Each lineup has a certain number of spots needed to be filled. You are giving imaginary money, your budget, and each player has a salary attached to them. Inserting them into your lineup removes that player’s salary from your budget. Player salaries are based on what that site/app thinks they are going to score. Basically, set a lineup that uses exactly your budget or a little under.

Lineup Types

Each site/app has a standard lineup for the majority of their competitions. Yet outside the standard, there are alternate lineups and even special games that have player multipliers. 

DraftKings Standard Lineup FanDuel Standard Lineup
1 QB 1 QB
2 RB 2 RB
3 WR 3 WR
1 Flex (RB, WR) 1 Super Flex (QB, RB, WR, TE)
1 Super Flex (QB, RB, WR)


One of the most significant considerations is each site/apps scoring system. To optimize your lineup, you need to know what a particular statistic is worth. Every platform has a different system, and even inside the same platforms, systems can differ from one to another.

Always consider value as there is nothing more important in any DFS, whether it is soccer, NFL, Golf, or CFB. Figuring out players that are more valuable scoring-wise than their salary would suggest is the name of the game. In college football, it can actually be done easier than some other sports like the NFL and NBA as players that are not at the big-time schools often times can be undervalued. 


  • Playing DFS College Football Can be a lot of FunCollege football is played all around the country in all types of weather. Snow, rain, hurricanes, cold, extreme heat, and more. All these things can affect players’ scoring output. Be aware of conditions when selecting players.
  • Injuries can be very risky to mess with because a player not finishing a game can really lower their point output.
  • Better safe than sorry; in reference to the first two tips, most sites/apps do not lower a player’s salary because of either of these. Meaning they still cost what they would without bad weather or injury. Both of these need to lower a player’s value in your decision-making.
  • Matchups are enormous because they affect a player’s ability to put up points for you. Don’t just consider whether a team matches up well defensively or offensively. Look at game betting spreads because if it is a projected blowout, the chances are that a high-salary star quarterback did not need to throw as much, and they barely played in the second half.

Why is Daily Fantasy Better Than Season Long Fantasy?

It is easier; there are more options, you are not limited to who you put in your lineup, and so much more. Season-long college fantasy can be a bear and is incredibly unpredictable. That quarterback that was a 1st or 2nd round selection by you may not be the starter by week six when the 5-star freshman behind them surpasses them in the depth chart. 

Don’t worry about injuries either because you are setting a new lineup every day. Most of all, especially with as many days that college football is played throughout a week, it gives added intrigue as a fan. You have no interest in watching the Tuesday night UNLV v.s. Nevada game, but you love just watching college football. Enter a $1 head-to-head lineup, and then boom, you have added interest in the game. 

Frequently Asked College Football DFS Questions

No, not in standard lineups other than in a flex spot. There are specific special competitions, though, that do use these types of positions.

Yes, depending on the site/app and the competition you select to participate in?

Yes, it is just dependent on the competition you choose to participate in.

Daily fantasy is legal in pretty much the entire United States. Six states currently don’t allow it but don’t worry; the site/app will use your location to determine your eligibility.

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