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Daily Fantasy Golf is an entertaining and unique offering in the DFS market. It shares many similarities with Tennis and Nascar as a sport played by individuals. Unlike team sports like NFL, NBA, NHL, and others, there are no positions to fill out lineups. Instead, you fill out your DFS golf lineup using individual golfers

How to Play

Do not stress if you have never played DFS golf before; it is actually very simple. In some respects, it is easier to sort things out and set lineups considering golfers are all playing on the same course. If you have played DFS golf before, well, we are here to help you as well, whether it is with optimizing your lineup or figuring out one of the intricacies of DFS golf.

Lineup Budget/Money/Cap Space

Daily fantasy golf shares similarities with team sports like CFB, soccer, MLB, etc. It still operates under a budget/salary cap when making lineups. Each golfer is given a predicted point total that sets their salary cost. You must fit each golfer into your lineup without going over your salary cap when making your lineup. Each time you insert a golfer, their salary is deducted from your budget.

Lineup Types

The lineup standards vary by site/app, but there are no positions, unlike team sports. It is similar to DFS like tennis and NASCAR. Lineups do vary, but it basically means you have a couple of extra golfers in your lineup or a couple less. One thing to pay attention to is multipliers in a lineup. For example, DraftKings standard lineup has one golfer whose salary costs 1.5 times his price, but his points are multiplied by 1.5 times. This is where you would want to put your highest scoring golfer.


Value is the most critical part of setting any DFS lineup, whether it is NFL, MLB, soccer, etc. The same can be said for golf. You’re trying to get the best value out of each golfer in your lineup. This is done by figuring out what a golfer might score versus how much their salary cost you. 

To do this, you need to understand the scoring systems used on each site/app. It differs from provider to provider, and a golfer’s value may be more on one platform than it is on another.

Let’s use FanDuel as an example

Stroke Scoring Bonuses Overall Finishing Position
Eagle (or better)=7pts Bogey Free Round (A complete round with no holes over par)=5pts 1st Place Bonus – 30pts
Birdie=3.1pts Bounce Back (Hole under par after hole over par)=0.3pts 2nd Place Bonus – 20pts
Par=0.5pts Five+ Birdies or Better (A round with 5+ holes under par)=4pts 3rd Place Bonus – 18 pts
Bogey=-1pt Streak Bonus (Two holes in a row under par)=0.6pts 4th Place Bonus – 16pts
Double Bogey (or worse)=-3pts   5th Place Bonus – 14 pts
    6th Place Bonus – 12pts
    7th Place Bonus – 10pts
    8th Place Bonus – 8pts
    9th Place Bonus – 7pts
    10th Place Bonus – 6pts
    11th-15th Place Bonus – 5pts
    16th – 20th Place Bonus – 4pts
    21st – 25th Place Bonus – 3pts
    26th – 30th Place Bonus – 2pts
    31st – 40th Place Bonus – 1pts

One thing to note is that getting good results on a hole like eagles and birdies has a higher value than the points lost for bad results like bogey or worse. A golfer may have two quadruple bogeys and lose six points. Yet if he has several eagles and birdies, he may end up with a better score than a golfer ahead of him in the standings. 


  • Making the Right Picks is What it is All AboutMake sure you are aware of a golfer’s current form. Golfers tend to play well in stretches, equate it to a shooter who gets hot for a streak of games in the NBA.
  • Know what course types are and how that may affect golfers. Many golfers play well on certain types of courses, whether it is a links course if it is longer or shorter than typical. 
  • Understand that some golfers may not have the best finishing scorecard but are known for getting lots of birdies and eagles because that will help your score more than a higher finish in a tournament.

Why is Daily Fantasy Better Than Season Long Fantasy?

Season-long fantasy golf is challenging because of the way golfers set their schedules. Many of the best golfers only play in the Majors and select other high-profile tournaments. While their value may be high when they play, it is worth nothing when they are not. This is not an issue in DFS golf because the site/app lets you choose only from golfers confirmed to play in a tournament.

Frequently Asked Golf DFS Questions

DFS golf and other DFS offerings are legal across the majority of the country. 

Not in the way scoring is done. Yet know that all the best healthy golfers play in major tournaments, and it tends to bring out the best in clutch golfers’ abilities.

In reality, it doesn’t because all golfers play in the same tournament. Even if a round gets delayed or a tournament has to finish on a Monday, tournaments almost always finish.

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