Pick a Strong DFS MLB Lineup Tonight

Daily fantasy MLB is not only one of the most popular sports but one of the most fun. Partly because in the summer months, there is one sports league that has consistent daily scheduled games, and that is the MLB. In the fall and winter, there are numerous sports to choose from. Baseball seems to have the summer all to itself. If you have never played MLB DFS, now is the time to start thinking about it and getting ready.

How to Play

MLB daily fantasy is actually one of the simplest DFS options to play and a great place to start. For one, with so many games being played and so many players available to choose from, the options are limitless. That may sound a little daunting, but it really isn’t and actually makes it easier when making lineups. We are here to give you the step by step breakdown of how to go about doing that.

Lineup Budget/Money/Cap Space

Daily fantasy sports, whether it be NFL, NHL, soccer, or MLB, all operate very similarly for most competitions where you will set up a lineup using imaginary money. This money is known as salary/cap space/budget, and you only have so much to use when inserting players into your lineup. Each player has a salary cost to put a lineup; those salaries are based on a projected scoring total of that player. Each individual DFS service makes these salaries and scoring projections.

Lineup Types

There can be a wide variety of lineups for each platform and even differ between that site/apps games or competition. Yet the two most popular DFS platforms are FanDuel and DraftKings; their standard lineups are: 

FanDuel DraftKings
1 Pitcher 2 Pitchers
1 Catcher/First Baseman 1 Catcher
1 Second Baseman 1 First Baseman
1 Third Baseman 1 Second Baseman
1 Shortstop 1 Third Baseman
3 Outfielders 1 Shortstop
1 Utility 3 Outfielders


Value is the name of the game when it comes to DFS, how much a player is going to score versus how much their salary is that day. Figuring out value is easier said than done but is the goal you need to reach for. It is ok to have a high-salary player if they put up incredible statistics. In contrast, it is ok to have a player that is not quite as high of a scorer if they are inexpensive salary-wise. Lineups need to have a balance to get everyone in under the salary threshold, and it is all about line optimization.

Take note of each DFS site/apps scoring system because one player maybe a little more valuable to you one site versus another if the scoring system is different in specific categories. Also, pay attention to game/competition-specific options because some games may have multipliers for specific players or positions. Meaning a player scoring total is multiplied by a specific amount.


  • As an outdoor sport like football and soccer, weather is significant because a player that could be caught playing only half a game because of rain can hurt their value. As well, messy conditions can make players not play as well.
  • Injuries need to be another consideration as well in the same thought process as to whether a player that may not finish a game or play at all has decreased value.
  • With both of the above-mentioned, know too most DFS platforms do not decrease a player’s salary in consideration of injuries or weather, so typically the risk is not worth it.
  • Matchups are essential in every sport, whether it is soccer, NBA, CFB, or NHL, but no sport might be as matchup dependent as the MLB is. A hitter facing off with a dominant starter that day is typically not a good play. In contrast, an above-average pitcher starting against a bottom-five offensive team potentially has a high value.

Why is Daily Fantasy Better Than Season Long Fantasy?

MLB daily fantasy is incredibly monotonous, setting lineups so often, rain delays, player injuries, and more. While DFS MLB is very user-friendly and it is up to you how often you play. No worrying about setting lineups constantly or panicking over your star players’ injury. Instead, enjoy DFS when you want and have the time. Then when life gets busy, you are not worried about letting all your friends down in a year-long league when you are absentee for a while.

Frequently Asked MLB DFS Questions

It is in all but six states, and each website or app will use your location to let you know if you are allowed to play.

They are typically less expensive and do score as highly as starting pitchers. Yet, they can be an inexpensive option when trying to fill out a lineup.

The two most popular are DraftKings and Fanduel, but many prefer smaller platforms for various reasons.

If a player’s game is rained out, canceled, or postponed, you can switch that player from your lineup even after a game’s scheduled start time. The tricky part is that if all games for the day have already started, there will be no available players to replace them.


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