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DFS soccer is possibly the most popular daily fantasy sport when looking at it from a worldwide perspective. Looking at it from an American viewpoint, it is still popular and very different from most other daily fantasy sports. This is because, as opposed to the major American sports like baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, there are many leagues worldwide. Not only are there many leagues to choose players from around the world, but you can also play using players in international competitions. With so many options, DFS soccer maybe something for you to try, even if you are not a big soccer fan.

How to Play

Soccer has a lot of similarities to NHL DFS in that the sport itself is low-scoring. With that said, many of the ways a player earns points DFS wise are stats that don’t necessarily contribute to in-game scoring. Setting a lineup is relatively easy and can be done as mentioned using players from all over the world in many leagues. Because of that, similar to sports like the MLB, NBA, and NHL, you can play pretty much every single day of the week if you want to.

Lineup Budget/Money/Cap Space

As mentioned on the home page and throughout other sports pages like NFL, CFB, golf, and more, salary caps/budgets/salaries are pretty standard in DFS. Imaginary money or salary is standard for each user in a competition. Each time a player is inserted into your lineup, their labeled salary is deducted from your total available salary. 

Lineup Types

There are various lineup types, but most sites/apps have a standard that is used for the largest percentage of their available competitions. On FanDuel, their standard soccer lineup is a combination of four forwards or midfielders, two defenders, and a goalie. While on DraftKings, their standard soccer lineup consists of two forwards, two midfielders, two defenders, and one goalie. Each site/app has its standard, but sometimes it can be fun to play special competitions with alternate style lineups.


It has been mentioned almost religiously from the main page to the NFL page and the entire site’s pages. Value is the number one thing when determining how to set your lineup. That is easier said than done as each site sets a player’s value based on their projected scoring output. They use very complicated and expensive computer systems and algorithms to make those player projections to determine their value. Yet there are a few holes in the system that can be taken advantage of, which will be discussed in our tips section.

Scoring systems are also essential because they will change a player’s projections and, with it, their value to you. Make sure to know whatever site/app you are using, that you know what their scoring system is.


  • Who to Put in Your Soccer LineupKeep in mind in a soccer match the weather, as it can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you are looking for from a player. A defensive player might benefit from a rainy game in that it is harder for the opposition to make runs and move quickly with the ball at their feet. At the same time, if the weather is terrible, it may make that defender just as likely to slip and make an uncharacteristic mistake.
  • Injuries can be a huge factor, especially in an endurance sport like soccer. Most DFS sites/apps will not decrease players’ costs regarding an injury. If the player only makes it half before that nagging hamstring injury reappears, that means you lose out on the possible points they could have scored once subbed out. 
  • When choosing players, please make a note of their matchups as well. For example, if a forward is playing against a team with a top defense and a world-class goalkeeper, how likely is it that they score? In contrast, facing a team with a bad defense and a backup keeper could make their value much higher.

Why is Daily Fantasy Better Than Season Long Fantasy?

To put it simply, it is more straightforward; choosing a lineup based on a salary is not difficult. Yet in a season-long fantasy draft, what do you do when your sleeper pick is taken one spot ahead of your pick? Well, in DFS soccer, that’s not a problem. Have all your favorite players along as you can stay under budget. 

Also, there is no pressure of constantly setting lineups; in DFS, whether it is soccer, NBA, NFL, or another sport, set a lineup when you feel like playing. Basically, play every day if you want, once a month, or anywhere in between. Not only that, when you win, it is immediate no waiting for the end-of-season payout on season-long leagues. 

Frequently Asked Soccer DFS Questions

Depending on the platform and contest, there are situations where you can.

Yes, DFS is legal almost everywhere in America. Please check with your site of choice to confirm.

Yes, absolutely, you can play custom matches or custom contests as well as season-long daily lineup leagues.

In this instance, you can replace a player even after the game’s scheduled start time. Be careful, though, because if all other games have started at that point in the day, then there would be no available players to choose from for a replacement.

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