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Playing DFS Tennis Today

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) tennis is perhaps the most unique of any DFS available to play. Their competitions can last over several weeks for long tournaments. Yet some competitions last just a day. There is a little something for everybody, even if you are not a tennis fan. Another unique factor is that individuals play it instead of the typical DFS offerings like NFL, MLB, NHL, or other team sports.

How to Play

Whether you are a seasoned pro at DFS tennis or you have never even heard of it, we are here to help you play. Whether you need to pick up some new tips or learn how to start, this step-by-step guide will break down how you can potentially earn some money playing DFS tennis.

Lineup Budget/Money/Cap Space

Daily fantasy tennis is very different from your average DFS team sport like CFB, NFL, soccer, etc. Yet pretty much all DFS share something in common, that is, the majority of lineups are put together using a salary cap/budget. DFS tennis is no different as it too uses one. A budget/salary cap is the fake money you are given to set a lineup. Tennis players are given a salary set by their predicted point outcome set by different apps/sites. When you insert a player, their salary is subtracted from your budget. You must stay at or below the budget when setting your lineup.

Lineup Types

There are two standard lineups for tennis DFS, one for the early rounds of a tournament and one for the late rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals, finals). To use FanDuel, for example, in the early rounds, they have a six-man roster to fill out. For the late-round, you only have three players: an MVP worth 1.5X their points, a star worth 1.25X their points, and a third regular player. Each DFS platform will differ a little with different point values.


Be conscious that each daily fantasy site/app has slightly different scoring systems. Knowing how the scoring works for each platform is crucial as it can affect how you set your lineup. Most sites also have different scoring systems for three-set versus five-set matches. To use Fanduel, for example:

Best of 3 Best of 5
Ace 1 0.6
Break Points Won 1.5 1
Double Faults -2 -2
Games Lost -4.8 -3.2
Games Won 6 4
Match Played 60 60
Match Won 12 10
Retirement Bonus (Set 1) 40 40
Retirement Bonus (Set 2) 30 32
Retirement Bonus (Set 3) 20 24
Retirement Bonus (Set 4) N/A 16
Retirement Bonus (Set 5) N/A 16
Set Lost -6 -5
Set Won 12 10
Won Match in Straight Sets 12 10
Won Set to Love 10 7
Walkovers Match Won + Retirement Bonus (Set 1) Match Won + Retirement Bonus (Set 1)

With this knowledge at hand, the next thing you need to know is the single most crucial part of all DFS, whether it is NFL, NHL, golf, or tennis. Value, which means what a player will score for you points-wise v.s. What they cost salary-wise. A player that has a high salary and scores a low point total is a low value. At the same time, a low-salary player that scores a lot is incredibly valuable


  • You Have to Pick the Best Tennis PlayersBe aware of injuries because with players scoring you points over multiple matches, one of the worst things that can happen is a player having to withdraw. That can single-handedly lose you a competition. Injured players are rarely worth taking the risk on.
  • A player’s seeding in a tournament can also affect how many points they get for you. If a player gets a tough draw, they may not win as many matches as possible with an easier seed. 

Why is Daily Fantasy Better Than Season Long Fantasy?

Season-long fantasy tennis can be challenging, mainly because there are so many different play styles. What tournaments count in the league? Does my star player end up playing in many tournaments? It can really be a headache trying to figure that out. Yet, in DFS tennis, the only thing to worry about is one tournament at a time, making things much more straightforward. 

Frequently Asked Tennis DFS Questions

Yes, DFS is legal in all but six states across the country, and the platform you play on will use your location to help you determine your eligibility. 

Not when it comes to how DFS tennis works. Yet a significant consideration is that certain players play better on certain surfaces. We would encourage you to check on players’ history at individual tournaments and their history on certain surfaces.

It does not affect DFS tennis like other DFS sports like the NFL, NBA, or MLB. Even if a match is delayed because of weather, they will make it up because tournaments occur over several days. Tennis tournaments pretty much always finish.

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