Do driver injuries affect your lineup?

Our recommendation for most sports is not to risk putting an injured player in your lineup. Yet in NASCAR, because there is no one to replace them if a driver is injured but still races, they typically finish the race. Now the injury, though, may affect how well they race.

Does weather affect NASCAR DFS?

NASCAR has very few weather concerns about how it affects Fantasy. All drivers are racing together, so unlike team sports like the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc., not just one driver/player’s game gets canceled. If the race is canceled or postponed, it happens to everyone. In a postponement, keep your lineup; your money would be returned to you in a cancellation.

Does the track they are racing factor into DFS NASCAR?

No, not in the aspect of scoring, as the system stays the same, but it does matter when it comes to choosing a driver for your lineup. All drivers have track types and specific tracks they race on better than others. Lookup a driver’s history and see how well they have fared over their career at specific tracks.

Is DFS NASCAR Legal in the United States?

Yes, NASCAR DFS is legal over most of the country, with just six states not allowing it. Don’t worry, though; when on any site/app, they will use your location to determine if you can play.