Is FanDuel Legal?

Absolutely. As stated, FD does not allow paid play in some states and some locations deem it illegal, but DFS is legal on a federal level. States are individually working to clear up a cloudy situation in terms of legality, but as things stand, it’s perfectly legal and OK to play as long as it is allowed in your state.

Where is FanDuel Located?

Originally founded in Texas in 2009, FanDuel has grown into an international corporation with company locations set in NYC, Orlando, L.A., Edinburgh, and Glasgow, Scotland.

Is FanDuel a Gambling Site?

No, FanDuel and all DFS sites aren’t considered gambling. They provide games based on skill that require knowledge, research, strategy, and collectively, said skill. It’s true that you can luck into winnings in any given contest, but you’re not going to consistently win if you’re not actually “good” at daily fantasy sports.

Why Can’t I Play in My State?

FanDuel is fighting the good fight to be available everywhere and to everyone, but right now some states don’t allow DFS, or FanDuel doesn’t offer it. You can still freely play FD for money in most states, but the likes of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Iowa are presently off-limits. Be sure to check for updates and make sure it’s legal to play wherever you are!

Is FanDuel Free?

Yes, you can play free games at FanDuel and win real cash or FD points if you win.

Does the tournament site matter?

Not when it comes to how DFS tennis works. Yet a significant consideration is that certain players play better on certain surfaces. We would encourage you to check on players’ history at individual tournaments and their history on certain surfaces.

What about weather concerns?

It does not affect DFS tennis like other DFS sports like the NFL, NBA, or MLB. Even if a match is delayed because of weather, they will make it up because tournaments occur over several days. Tennis tournaments pretty much always finish.